Some Of The Worst Nutrition Advice

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and all the dos and don’ts of leading a healthy life, you will find tons of information. You will find information online as well as from everyone and anyone that you meet. A lot of it will be useful and might actually help you to bring some positive results, but much information is just faulty and will set you on the wrong path. Here are some of the worst nutrition advice that you will most likely come across at some point in time or might already have.

Never eat before going to bed

This is a common statement that we all have been hearing from our parents and grandparents, saying that it would make us fat. This, in fact, is not good for your health because you should never go to bed with an empty stomach because you won’t eat through the night and it will be bad for your digestive system. You should take a light and healthy snack of about 200 calories to make sure that you get a satisfied sleep without any hunger pangs.

Carbohydrates are all bad for you

This is extremely misleading because it isn’t about eating carbs but just bad carbs. Consuming carbohydrates, good carbs, is something which the body requires and avoiding its intake will lead to a deficiency in your body. If, however, you are concerned about your weight then you should choose to eat fruits and whole grains. Also, if you are used to working out daily, then you will definitely need those carbs to give the energy for it.

Having fats gets you fat as well

This is something that we all at the back of our minds are careful about. We will always prefer to take low or no fat items and literally just eliminate fats from our lives. Doing this will only make us weak in the long run and affect our immune system. We need to take all the good fats that we can because that is going to give us long term energy, it will improve our cholesterol levels and generally fight our hunger pangs as well. Good fats are found in all unprocessed food items like avocado, nuts, and oils.

Focus only on calories

Well, it is true that calorie intake will determine how fat or slim we are but this should not be our only point of focus. The type of food we consume has a big influence on our body and how we feel about our health.

Calories don’t matter at all

Then there are people who believe that healthy foods are all that matters, not the calorie intake. You still need to be careful about how much calories your body is getting from all that healthy food. Overeating is bad generally, and even if you are overeating healthy foods, there is a very good chance of you getting fat from that. So, good health and body is all about balancing your diet.