Leaving pizza out – Is it still safe to eat?

There are some foods which we can leave in the room for a longer time duration and still we would eat them without any worry. However, this is not the case with every food. Some foods are not safe to eat when left out in the room temperature due to the associated risk of food contamination or the disease due to the contamination of food. If we talk about pizza (cooked or not cooked), then it should be kept in the refrigerator if you are planning to leave it out for a longer time. However, for a shorter period of time, it is generally okay to left it outside.

Is it still safe to eat left out pizza?

The U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that it is not safe to eat the perishable foods which you left for overnight at the room temperature. It doesn’t matter if your pizza has meat products on it or not, leaving pizza at room temperature is not safe. This is due to the presence of cheese as the main ingredient in pizza. Cheese has the risk of its contamination with foodborne bacteria at room temperature, so due to this reason, it is advisable to refrigerate the pizza if you are planning to leave it overnight.

Leaving pizza out – For how long can you keep it without the refrigerator?

When you leave the pizza for one or two hours at room temperature, then it doesn’t imply that now it is unsafe and you cannot eat it. There is a certain time duration, after which the risks of the foodborne bacteria contamination with cheese becomes high. So, you can leave the Pizza left for up to two hours at room temperature and if the temperature is too hot above 900 F, then it should be left only for one hour before eating it.  And yes, you can eat the pizza during this period , as suggested by USDA. However, the USDA also advises cooling the pizza to at least 400 F after this short period of time to decrease the risks of growth and reproduction of foodborne bacteria.

Leaving pizza out -Suggested Time Duration

If you are planning to leave the pizza to stay in your refrigerator for three to four days, then the temperature of your refrigerator should be 40 degrees in Fahrenheit scale or below it. This temperature and time duration is according to USDA and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Eating a pizza which is left out for more than four days might not make you sick immediately but the risks for getting foodborne disease increases. So, don’t eat the pizza that has been left out for more than two hours in the room. Do it for preventing yourself from getting any foodborne illness or food poisoning. The US FDA also states that keeping a pizza in the refrigerator can extend the time period to one or two months. So, if you want to eat pizza safely after one or two months, then place it in the freezer and eat it without any worry.

Some Of The Worst Nutrition Advice

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and all the dos and don’ts of leading a healthy life, you will find tons of information. You will find information online as well as from everyone and anyone that you meet. A lot of it will be useful and might actually help you to bring some positive results, but much information is just faulty and will set you on the wrong path. Here are some of the worst nutrition advice that you will most likely come across at some point in time or might already have.

Never eat before going to bed

This is a common statement that we all have been hearing from our parents and grandparents, saying that it would make us fat. This, in fact, is not good for your health because you should never go to bed with an empty stomach because you won’t eat through the night and it will be bad for your digestive system. You should take a light and healthy snack of about 200 calories to make sure that you get a satisfied sleep without any hunger pangs.

Carbohydrates are all bad for you

This is extremely misleading because it isn’t about eating carbs but just bad carbs. Consuming carbohydrates, good carbs, is something which the body requires and avoiding its intake will lead to a deficiency in your body. If, however, you are concerned about your weight then you should choose to eat fruits and whole grains. Also, if you are used to working out daily, then you will definitely need those carbs to give the energy for it.

Having fats gets you fat as well

This is something that we all at the back of our minds are careful about. We will always prefer to take low or no fat items and literally just eliminate fats from our lives. Doing this will only make us weak in the long run and affect our immune system. We need to take all the good fats that we can because that is going to give us long term energy, it will improve our cholesterol levels and generally fight our hunger pangs as well. Good fats are found in all unprocessed food items like avocado, nuts, and oils.

Focus only on calories

Well, it is true that calorie intake will determine how fat or slim we are but this should not be our only point of focus. The type of food we consume has a big influence on our body and how we feel about our health.

Calories don’t matter at all

Then there are people who believe that healthy foods are all that matters, not the calorie intake. You still need to be careful about how much calories your body is getting from all that healthy food. Overeating is bad generally, and even if you are overeating healthy foods, there is a very good chance of you getting fat from that. So, good health and body is all about balancing your diet.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Know the main advantages that hot yoga can provide you so that you can understand why you cannot miss out on this influential workout.

One of the hottest exercise developments nowadays is hot yoga. If you have not yet tried this type of yoga – or any kind of yoga of that sort, here is the time that you found a local studio for yoga.

So far, hot yoga has a lot of welfares for you to miss out on, so have a look over a few so that you can check what you are lost.

Improved Suppleness

The first great advantage you can imagine to see is improved suppleness. Holding those postures in the hot setting will aid increase your muscles, falling the tension and stress you may have from some different physical activities you are having.

When you are over at such a hot temperature, you are more likely to have an additional flow of blood moving all over the body, resulting in your muscles being more flexible than ever. This, as a result, can tend to enhance growths in your suppleness and range of movements.


One advantage that hot yoga will propose you that other varieties of yoga may not is effects of decontamination. This is Cheers to the statement that your complete rate of sweat will be enhanced, meaning you will be more disposed to blooming out any extra toxins presently in your system.

If you are presently on a program of detox or just looking to recover your health and improve the way your body works, hot yoga can certainly propose some favorable advantages.

Awareness of Mind and Body

Like any other class of yoga, hot yoga is also good for enhancing your complete awareness of mind-body. As you do your exercises of hot yoga, you will observe that you begin to gain a healthier sense of the way your body is moving and also acquire better control over the regulation of the movements of your body.

Improved Quality of Sleep

You can suppose to experience an intensely improved quality of sleep when you get indulged with hot yoga also. As this type of exercise supports quiet the mind and comfort tension, you will discover you can fall sleeping quicker and keep sleeping healthier than when you were not doing it.

Cardiovascular Training

Lastly, hot yoga may also intensely recover your conditioning related to cardiovascular level also. It is dependent upon the coach and the specific class you are going to; you can do in advance receiving the maximum rate of the heart, related to that of what you would through a session of cardio.

For those who wish to do away with cardio in total, a warm workout program of yoga could be the answer.

While this type of yoga only is not for the whole world since some people actually cannot stand the warm temperature while working out, it’s certainly worth demanding out to see if it is correct for you. With so many possible benefits to present, you do not want to miss an opportunity.


Anti Aging Cream: The Best Way To Make Your Skin Glow

Aging has always been one of the biggest drawbacks for any women because as soon as their age starts increasing their outer beauty starts vanishing. To overcome this problem, they opt for a number of surgical and laser treatments that can be costly for them. So, in case if you are also planning for these treatments but are not having enough funds, then you can go for anti aging creams. They will provide you much effective results and will help in bringing charm back on your face.  They work very efficiently and help you in achieving the desired results.

New cream launch on Shark Tank

With continuous increase in demand, numbers of skin experts are coming up with new and effective anti aging creams. They will help in removing your lines and wrinkles and offer many other benefits. In fact, sometime before a new anti aging product was launched on famous Hollywood show Shark tank. Till that time, this show was only famous for its pragmatic offers and brutal advices but with offering of new skin treatment this show gained huge TRP. All credit goes to their host Yoojin Kim and Angela who came up with this miraculous product. The name of this cream is Amore cream and along with this anti aging cream they have also launched a serum. This serum will help in lighting the dark circles and will reduce the fine bags and lines.

New products with success party of cream

In fact, in order to show the effectiveness of their product they selected their own employee on whom skin results were seen. With regular use of the cream for 14 days many changes were seen on their face. So, if you also want to get an eye catching and attractive face again then you must go for Shark Tank anti aging cream.

After the successful launch of the cream the hosts came up with a number of other products. This includes the following items:

  • Hybrid soap bars
  • Coconut scrub
  • Lip balms
  • Serums
  • Vegan lipstick
  • Mud mask

These all products will help you in giving an excellent look that you will never forget for your entire life.

Formula behind the effectiveness of cream

The formula behind the effectiveness of this cream is proprietary bisophere and QuSome.  These both are the natural substances which when combined together help in removing the wrinkles, fade away the lines and rejuvenate the skin cells. They go to the deepest level of skin cell and help you in getting your desired output.

Proprietary bisophere goes directly into cells and helps in managing the tissues of damaged skin. They release new and fresh collagen that helps in tightening the skin. With its help almost 70% of wrinkles and lines reduce. While on the other side, QuSome is quite difficult to understand and for getting best results it is necessary that you must use it with proprietary bisophere. Its work is to thrust the cells in epidermis which is the top and protective layer of skin. It helps in providing water to the skin cells because of which your face looks young.